What's the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning Services?

Did you know that US cities and communities are losing over 36 million trees a year?

Tree loss is widespread, affecting homeowners across the country. Poor or lack of proper tree care is the leading cause of the loss of trees.

Tree trimming and pruning services are requisite to the beauty, health, and survival of your trees. Only a few homeowners know the difference between tree trimming and pruning services.

Other homeowners are not sure of when to prune to trim their trees. If this sounds like your current predicament, this post will tell you everything you need to know about trimming or pruning trees.

What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming services focus on the general aesthetics of your garden. Arborists provide these services to address disheveled, lopsided, or overgrown trees.

Trees grow towards the light. Over time, they tend to acquire an irregular shape and look unkempt. The objective of trimming is to remedy this problem and restore the appeal of your trees and garden.

Benefits of Tree Trimming Services

Overgrowth affects the health of your trees or any other plants close to them. Large branches may prevent them from accessing the light or moisture they need to thrive.

When you leave your trees to grow naturally, other factors can compromise their health. These are the likes of rot, mold, insect infestation of insects, and much more. 

Trimming services can help eliminate diseased branches and make way for fresh growth. With the right services, you can undoubtedly prolong the life of an old tree.

Safety is another invaluable advantage of tree trimming services. For instance, dead tree branches can fall on your roof or your car. Such accidents can lead to unprecedented damages, losses, and injuries.

Burglars also target homes with overgrown trees and hedges. Trimming the trees on your property eliminates such vulnerabilities.

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning services could also help you achieve the aesthetics you need. However, it mainly focuses on the health of your trees.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning has a myriad of benefits. For example, it fosters strong tree growth and protects your trees from pests and diseases.

Trees with a lot of diseased branches are constantly fighting for their survival. Pruning services focus on the removal of excess branches and leaves.  It promotes the production of flowers and the overall health of the tree.

Types of Pruning

There are different ways to prune trees. These include;


When trees are overgrown, some of their branches rot and die. Dead wooding is a method of pruning that focuses on the removal of diseased branches.  And decaying sections of the tree that are likely to affect its overall health.

You don’t have to wait for months to carry out dead pruning. Call in an expert as soon as you notice your trees have diseased or weak branches.

Canopy Lift

Some branches sit too low on the tree. As a result, you cannot get the much-needed canopy from the tree. Canopy lifting entails removing these branches to improve the appeal of your tree.

 The canopy lift also promotes light penetration into your backyard or garden.

Crown Thinning

If the health of your trees seems to be deteriorating, crown thinning could help. It is a process that revolves around doing away with the 3rd and 4th  branches of your tree. The goal is to allow more airflow and light within your home and garden.

Equipment Used in Trimming and Pruning of Trees

Arborists use lopped shears or hand shears to prune trees. These types of equipment are sturdy enough to cut throw thick branches. If the branches are extremely thick, your arborist may use a saw.

Service providers use hand shears to remove small branches and buds. Lopping shears are for larger branches that sit high on the tree.

Experts will use trimmers and shears and saws to trim trees.

How Many Times Should You Prune or Trim your Trees?

You should trim your trees at least twice a year and prune them once a year. How often you prune or trim your trees also hinges on the species you are dealing with.

For flowering plants, you should prune your trees in late June. This is right after the blooming stage. When dealing with summer blooming trees,  you should trim your trees during the spring and winter seasons.

Trimming VS Pruning: Which one is Better?

Trimming and pruning have their distinct benefits. None is better than the other. What matters is to know when to trim your tree and when to prune them.

The immediate need also matters. For instance, if you have a tree with a diseased branch, you need pruning services. On the flip side, if all the branches are in great shape, but the leaves are overgrown, your tree needs a nice trim.

Are Tree Pruning and Trimming Services Offered by Different Providers?

The process of trimming and pruning trees may employ different techniques and tools. However, they all fall under landscaping. For this reason, you do not need to call a different provider for each of these services.

Usually, tree trimming and pruning services come as a package. Most landscaping services offer them together.

Should you hire an Arborist to Trim or Prune your Trees?

If you have a background in pruning and trimming services, you only need the right equipment to take care of your trees.

Without the right knowledge, you can easily cut the wrong branches and even kill your trees. Also, there are other hazards involved in pruning and trimming services. For example, you could sustain an injury or damage property when trying to cut a heavy branch.

Experts have all the tools and experience to trim or prune your trees. In doing so, they are unlikely to cause any damage to your property.

Call in the Experts for Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

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