Watering Your New Trees

Jan 19, 2016
The tree work is over and your landscaping is starting to look great.   Now when it comes to tree maintenance after a tree is planted, regular watering of the transplanted tree is crucial.  The new tree should be watered thoroughly immediately after it is planted.  The helps the roots settle into the new soil and causes any air pockets to collapse. Be careful though, one of the biggest faux pas after any tree work is to over-water your newly planted tree.  Before you water the tree, check the soil with your finger to see how dry it is.
If the tree work was done properly you should have a soil ring around the base of the tree.  The most common method of watering the transplanted tree is to leave a garden hose in the ring for about 10 minutes.  Turn the garden hose on at its lowest pressure setting.  The water should be just dribbling out and slowly fill the ring at the base of the tree.  It will take a few tries to see what is the right pressure from your hose.  If the tree ring breaks, just pack the dirt back in and wait a day to water the transplanted tree again.
After the first week of watering your tree everyday, you can slow down the watering to every other day then to every few days.  By decreasing the watering of the tree, you force the trees roots to store more water.  If you happen to plant the tree during the rainy season (May to October), you may not need to water as much due to the water in the ground.  Again use your best judgment in checking the soil each time.
It should take about a year for your new tree to be established in your landscaping.  If you water your new trees properly, the tree work that you had performed will pay dividends on the value of your property, Contact GreenTopps Landscaping / Tree Service today to schedule a free estimate for your upcoming landscaping needs.

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