Is that Tree Going to Fall Over?

Mar 16, 2015
Usually the trees on your property will let you know if they are about to topple.  If you have regular tree service done, the trained tree trimmer can notify you sooner if the tree is in danger.  However, every once in a great while, trees can fall without warning.
If you do not have regular tree work done on your property.  Here are some tips to look for distressed trees.
How to Inspect Your Trees
You see the trees on your property almost every day.  You know what they look like in every season.  So if there is a change that is out of the tree's normal cycle, that is a sure sign something is wrong.  It is always a good idea to walk around and look at your trees once a month.   Inspect all sides of the tree as best as you can,  Look both up close and from a distance.
Things to look for that may indicate a distressed tree in need of tree service:
  • Check for irregular peeling bark or cuts in the tree.
  • Look for dead leaves at the top of the tree / crown of the tree.
  • Trees that are leaning, more on this below.
We know that trees more then likely don’t grow straight and a little lean is normal. However if it appears your tree is leaning more then it usually does, then it is time to call a tree work professional.
Some Obvious Danger Signs
  • Heaving soil, especially on the side opposite the lean.
  • Exposed roots around the base of the tree.
  • Cracks that extend deeply into or through the trunk.
  • Mushrooms, conks, and carpenter ants at the base of the tree are a sign of decay and rot.
If you feel that your trees have taken a turn for the worst, then it is time to call GreenTopps Tree Service to come out and take a look.  We are insured and have over 20 years experience handling a variety of tree care needs.  Call us today at (941) 468-1655.

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