Southern Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

What better way to bring some southern charm to your outdoor space than with some southern landscaping ideas?

Did you know that curb appeal can increase your home's value by as much as 11%? Whether you're looking to sell your home or revamp your living space to reflect your southern hospitality, this article's for you.

Here we'll share landscape ideas that combine both your personal style and the bright, welcoming feel of summer.

1. Welcome Guests with Flowers

Nothing says "Welcome!" quite like a colorful display of gorgeous flowers. Greet guests from the moment they arrive with a lush array of daylilies, gardenia, and impatiens.

You can do this in a couple of ways, but the most popular is to arrange potted plants of different sizes on your front porch, steps, or entryway. Pair a few oversized pots with smaller ones for variety. Choose colors that compliment your home and personality.

You can also line your walkway with your favorite flowers. Just be mindful of which flowers flourish best during which season.

2. Make a Statement with Blooming Shrubs

If a statement piece is what you're after, you can achieve this easily with oversized blooming shrubs. Some of the most impressive include roses, Chinese snowballs, butterfly bushes, and hydrangeas. 

These shrubs and their flowers grow large and beautiful, which means a little goes a long way. You can also incorporate blossoming flowers, plants, and trees to make a noticeable impact. 

3. Accent Your Driveway

Don't neglect your driveway -- it's the entrance to your home. Make a good impression from the start by adding southern landscaping along your driveway. 

The length, shape, and design of your driveway will determine how much landscaping you need, but some basic principals apply to all driveways.

Space all flowers, shrubs, or bushes evenly apart and always keep them well-maintained

For circular driveways, start by building a raised island of grass in the center. Add a boxwood hedge around the perimeter and perennials or annuals rising above it.

Experiment with different colors, heights, and textures. You can even add a statue or water feature for additional ambiance.

If your home has a long, winding driveway, small trees or shrubs are the most practical way to cover a lot of space with minimal effort and expense.

4. Create a Secret Garden

Not all of your southern landscaping needs to be in plain sight. Creating a beautiful oasis that's tucked away is the perfect escape for your family and guests.

This can be one large area or a collection of small spaces. Create a winding path that leads to an open space with seating, a fire pit, and strung lights. 

If you prefer privacy or a more intimate setting, create a small patio or garden made up of several hidden nooks and benches. Stepping stones are a quaint addition for any garden pathway.

Other popular features include statues, fountains, pergolas, or a wall of plants.

5. Incorporate All the Colors of the Rainbow

Nothing offers southern landscaping charm quite like bright, colorful flowers. Don't be afraid to get creative with your color palette.

The best part about living in Florida is that you can enjoy colorful landscaping all-year-round. Every gardener can relate to that rewarding moment your flowers bloom and that burst of color shines through.

Why not feel this same way 365 days a year?

Southern landscaping means being able to grow vibrant flowers, berries, and leaves during every season. Some plants flourish best in hot summers while others thrive during mild winters.

You can add colorful bunches to flowerbeds, along your driveway, on your porch, and beyond.

Some of our favorites include azalea, beautyberry, dianthus, and lantana confetti. 

6. Look to the Sky

When most people think of landscaping they look down. After all, beautiful landscaping starts at your feet, right? Not necessarily!

Hanging planters and baskets, as well as rambling vines, make impressive additions to your beautiful yard landscape. Adding height to your landscape design gives it dimension and character.

Elevated planters and hanging baskets are a simple way to add layers to your yard. It also helps bring people's eyes from high to low. Use blues and greens to create a wave of colorful blossoms. 

When it comes to maintaining your landscaping, raised planters offer ample aeration and drainage.

Rambling vines are another beautiful addition to a wall of flowers, lattice, fence, or columns. Not only do they add height but also blossom in a variety of colors from reds and pinks to blue, purple, and even white.

7. Cover Unwanted Structures

Everyone has eye-sores in their yards that aren't aesthetically pleasing. Why not cover these problem areas with southern landscaping accents?

You can easily cover sheds, garages, and other outdoor workspaces with carefully placed landscaping features and a little creativity. Place oversized potted plants or ferns at the base of a structure to add a natural, earthy appearance.

Build an exterior shelf near windows or sills on your shed or garage. Here you can display small, lightweight planters that add color and style to outdoor structures.

8. Shed Some Light on the Situation

Nothing provides ambiance to your outdoor space quite like warm lighting. Walkways and driveways are popular places to add pathway lights. This not only boosts curb appeal but also ensures safety for guests.

Strategically placed lighting helps highlight your current landscape. 

A spotlight can shine upward and illuminate a gorgeous palm tree or elm. Accent lights can also cascade down onto your flowerbeds and shrubs for a warm, welcoming glow. 

9. Food for Thought

Landscaping doesn't just have to look good -- it can taste good too! Put your green thumb to good use and create a small vegetable or herb garden.

Things like tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapples, and basil all flourish in both the hot Florida summers and mild spring and winter months. 

Your herb and vegetable garden can be as beautiful as it is delicious. Plant sunflowers and other large-stemmed plants around the perimeter of a raised garden box to create a visual barrier. 

Southern Landscaping Adds Character and Charm

Does your outdoor space need a facelift? These southern landscaping ideas add charm and ambiance while making the most of your existing space.

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