Not Just a DIY Project: 5 Reasons to Hire a Tree Trimming Professional

The Americans obsession with manicured lawns has propelled landscaping into a $76 billion industry, which is a growth of 3% every year. Every homeowner desires an appealing exterior. As such, keeping the lawns and trees in shape is one of the main concerns for a typical homeowner. 

Many homeowners seek to have DIY in tree trimming. While this move can save you money, it has potential dangers. Besides, the maintenance of big trees is not a small task.

If your trees need maintenance, hiring a tree trimming professional is the best choice. You’ll be at peace knowing that the outcome will be nothing short of perfect. Here are some of the seven reasons why you need to hire a professional tree trimmer. 

1. Efficiency

Grooming trees require effort and time. You’ll also need the right tools to trim the trees efficiently. Professional arborists will allow you to rest easy, knowing that your trees will get the best care.  

Besides understanding all about tree maintenance, tree trimmers have all the necessary equipment you need to have an attractive yard and garden. You will also get to enjoy after-services such as collection of debris.

Tree trimming might seem complex if you opt for DIY. Arborists take a significantly shorter time on the job while making it look simple. You will save time and energy that you'd otherwise spend pruning your trees for days.  

2. Knowledge on Proper Tree Trimming 

Pruning a tree is not just about cutting some of the branches. Trimming trees require skills; otherwise, the whole project might be a total flop. Over-pruning can endanger your tree’s survival.

Having the right tool doesn't equate to a good job. When you get a professional arborist, the outcome will make you understand why you need skills to prune your trees. An arborist will offer excellent guidance on pruning and shaping trees.

Working with a local arborist can be the best deal. If you’re in Florida, an arborist near you has knowledge of the trees within your area. The professional can also offer great insights into the most appropriate and attractive shrubs and trees to have in your yard.

3. Safety

In April 2019, strong storms in North Florida led to the death of an 8-year-old girl after a tree fell right on her family’s house. Overgrown branches can be a threat to any homeowners. That’s why pruning and trimming trees ought to be a priority. 

Taking up the job of cutting or maintaining trees can expose you to a range of risks. A falling branch can strike you or someone else within the compound. Besides, you might trip from a tree and harm your limbs. 

Landscaping companies have the right safety equipment. With the appropriate tools, it is possible to avert some of the common tree trimming accidents. 

4. Insurance 

You might never anticipate the extent of damage that tree trimming can have on your home. A branch can fall on your roof, causing severe destruction.  Your health insurance might not cater for the injuries or damages resulting from DIY tree trimming. 

Professional arborists have the right insurance that will cover you and your home. In case there's an accident or vandalism caused by the technicians, you won't have any liability. When looking for a tree service company, confirming the nature of the insurance should be a priority.

Besides having a cover, professional tree trimmers carry out a comprehensive risk assessment before working on your trees. The procedure deters some of the possible incidents. As a homeowner, you will be at peace, knowing that your family and property are not at risk during tree trimming. 

5. Enhancing Aesthetics 

Trees bring out an aura of beauty that changes the appearance of your yard. Taking care of your trees will increase the aesthetic nature of your property. When it’s time to sell your home, the well-maintained trees can have significant impacts on the home's value.

Certified tree trimmers have the knowledge and skills to shape your trees during trimming. With the right techniques, these professionals can turn a typical tree into an appealing piece of art. They will further ensure that the tree thrives.

If you decide to trim your trees, maintaining unique shapes is almost impossible. Some of the trees might remain with protruding branches. The outcome will not only make your home appear untidy; it can deter prospective buyers. 

6. Benefit From a Range of Services 

Tree service companies provide a range of services. Other than tree trimming, you can benefit from tree removal, maintenance, tree cabling, stumps grinding, and landscaping services. You can have more than one service at a go, which might save you some bucks. 

Credible arborists can also provide consultative services. They offer guidance on tree planting, fertilization, and disease prevention. It would be best if you vetted your identified tree trimmers to establish how knowledgeable they are on issues relating to trees.

7. Improves the Health of Your Trees

Not unless you’re highly knowledgeable about trees, it would be hard to establish if your trees are healthy enough. Hiring a tree trimmer can save your tree. A professional can detect any problems that might cause your tree to die. 

This routine maintenance will keep your tree healthy and appealing. If you don’t know what’s ailing your tree, you might over-prune it, causing further damage.

For your fruit-bearing trees, regular trimming can increase the yield. You will harvest more quality fruits. However, you need to have a professional doing it lest you destroy the parts of the tree that are responsible for fruiting.  

Professional Tree Trimming Has Unmatched Benefits to Your Yard 

Being pro DIY is commendable. However, it would be best to leave tree trimming to professionals. From safety to the outcome, hiring a tree service company has several benefits. 

Working with licensed tree service professionals will transform your yard into a paradise. With the potential mishaps that are not new with tree services, it would be better to hire certified arborists. 

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