How Much A Tree Contributes To The Value Of Your Property

Adding trees can make a huge change in not only the curb appeal of your home, but the value of it a well.  There have been several studies (WSJ Article, Arbor Day Foundation Article, etc) that indicate adding trees to your home can add 10-20% to its value.  You can even use this calculator to give you a ballpark figure on the value of your tree work in your yard.  
Properly landscaped mature trees and bushes tend to go a longer way then newly planted ones.  So it would be advantageous as a home owner to begin planning a proper tree work and landscaping design to maximize curb appeal and value.  When taking on a task such as tree work, tree removal, landscape design, etc it is best to hire a licensed and insured professional.  We previously wrote article about Choosing a Tree Removal Company and Why Choosing GreenTopps.  Doing a project of this size on your own can sometimes be more hassle then it is worth.  
Picking the right Tree Service company for your tree work needs is important.  Give GreenTopps a call today at (941) 468-1655 to schedule a free estimate.

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