How to Increase Curb Appeal: 9 Tips for Homeowners

Prospective home buyers spend about eight weeks looking for homes. They look at a median of nine but only visit four homes in person. If you want your listing to stand out, you need to consider your curb appeal.

Otherwise, you could struggle to attract buyers. They might turn toward other beautiful homes in the area instead.

Learn how to increase curb appeal for your home using these nine simple tips. With these tips, you can wow buyers and draw them to your property. Then, you can boost the value of your home and finally make a sale. 

Set your home sale strategy up for success. Get started with these nine simple tips for increasing curb appeal today!

1. Have a Green Thumb

Homes with better curb appeal sell for an average of 7% more than similar homes that lack an inviting exterior. In fact, the appearance of your neighbor's yard accounts for a third of a home's overall premium, too.

As you work on increasing the curb appeal of your home, make sure to look into landscaping tips. Adding the best landscaping ideas and embracing your green thumb can help you attract buyers. 

Start by adding fresh flowers and greenery around your home's exterior.

You don't have to spend time or money putting in a full garden. Instead, start with a few window boxes and planters. Let the plants you use accentuate and frame different visual points.

For example, you might want to draw attention to the entryway or front windows.

Make sure to remove any dead trees, too. 

If you don't have much of a green thumb, that's okay. Talk to a professional about your home landscaping plans. Their landscaping ideas could show you how to increase curb appeal without stress.

Above all else, make sure to take care of your lawn. You can hire a landscaping company to:

  • Mow the grass
  • Pull weeds
  • Remove leaves
  • Maintain flowers

Make sure to water your yard regularly as well. After all, you don't want any brown spots. 

Routine maintenance is important if you want your yard to look its best. Home landscaping services can save you stress when you're ready to sell. 

2. Paint the Front Door

Draw a potential buyer's attention with a pop of color. Consider painting your front door (instead of letting it fade in with your home's exterior).

Try to find a bold color that enhances your home's exterior. Make sure the colors don't clash. 

There are apps you can use to virtually test out colors before you choose your paint. Look for something bright. Make sure to hold up a swatch against your home's exterior before you begin painting. 

Planning ahead will save you time and money while you're increasing the curb appeal. 

3. Light the Way

A dark entryway could scare away guests and prospective buyers. Before that can happen, learn how to increase curb appeal with light.

If you have a hanging pendant or sconce already in place, consider replacing it. Try a light fixture that really brightens the entryway.

Otherwise, make sure to clear away dust, debris, and cobwebs. Your entryway will instantly look bright and clean.

For more light, consider porch string lights or solar-powered lanterns. Light up the walkway to invite guests to your door. 

4. Keep Clean

As you begin using these curb appeal tips, make sure to keep the exterior of your home as clean as possible.

Start by cleaning your gutters (the outside and inside). Clear away any debris from view. Scrub your gutters until they look brand new. 

Take a look at your mailbox, too. If it's looking dingy, consider replacing it.

Make sure your house numbers look new as well. Choose a font that suits your home's architecture and draws the eyes. 

Take the time to check for any electrical fixtures that are within view, too. Consider painting it to camouflage the fixture from sight. Choose a color that matches your home's siding. 

5. Power Wash

Your walkway, porch, siding, and driveway can collect dirt and grime over time. Consider power washing away years of dirt.

You can rent a power washer from Lowe's, Home Depot, or another hardware store. 

6. Make Repairs

You could struggle to attract buyers if it's obvious your home needs repairs. Try to fix any problem areas you can.

Start with small repairs like burned-out lightbulbs and chipped paint. Consider repairing ripped screens or other issues that can impact your home's appearance. 

Walk around your house after you're done to note if anything else needs a quick fix. 

7. Arrange Outdoor Furniture

Too much furniture can make your front porch look crowded. Too little can make the area look neglected. Try to find a balance somewhere in the middle.

Make sure your outdoor furniture is in good shape and clean, too. 

Otherwise, consider dressing up your home with a little front door decor. You don't have to wait until Christmas to use a wreath. Search for a style that's made from preserved greens or florals.

These styles can add beauty to your front door throughout the year.

8. Consider New Hardware

You don't have to replace your entire front door. Instead, consider adding new hardware. This upgrade is quick, noticeable, and bound to increase curb appeal.

Try to find colors that contrast with the door's new paint. For example, you can add black hardware to a red door. For a black door, consider brass hardware.

Consider fun door knockers that draw the eyes as well. 

9. Stain the Garage Door

If your garage door is looking a little discolored, consider staining it instead of replacing it.

First, powerwash the door. Make sure the surface is completely clean. Then, paint your stain for a stunning finish.

How to Increase Curb Appeal: 9 Simple Tips to Attract New Buyers

Learning how to increase curb appeal isn't as complicated as one might think. You can get started with these simple repairs and landscaping tips. Once you've updated the exterior of your home, you're bound to draw buyers.

You don't have to apply these landscaping ideas alone, either. Instead, consider hiring a professional team to maintain your yard.

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