The Giving Tree, When Is It Time To Take It Down?

We know, it is your favorite spot in the yard. The place where you have taken all of your family pictures, the shade for your kids in the summer, the spot where the dog loves to curl up and take a nap. But, the harsh reality is, your beloved tree is dying and it may be time to have the tree removed. 
Trust us, we love trees as much as you do. We love to keep them strong and healthy so that they can continue to serve as a serene background for a quiet bench area, or maybe a swing. But when your tree is sick or dying, it becomes a danger, not only to your home, but to everything that surrounds it. Below are some common symptoms of a sick tree. If you notice any of these warning signs, give Greentopps a call to determine if you may need to utilize our tree removal services. 
  • Signs that a tree has bad structure: tree is leaning to one side, has an odd shape due to storm damage or unnatural growth patterns due to improper pruning.  
  • Very deep cracks in the tree can cause severe damage in the long run.  Some cracking is normal in a tree, but when they hurt the infrastructure, then you have to have the tree removed.
  • When a tree has mushrooms on it, numerous dead branches, soft breakable wood, the tree is more then likely decaying.  
  • If your tree looks like it has canker sores, similar to humans, it means it is diseased.  Tree cankers are a sign that bacteria have infected the tree and broke down its insides.  Sometimes when trees have cankers, they can be saved and may not need to be removed.
So, it is time, the decision has been made and you must take the tree down. But, don't worry, Greentopps can always plant another tree that will grow big and strong for years to come! Greentopps services homes and businesses from Sarasota to Venice to North Port and all the way down to Fort Myers.  Give us a call today for all your tree removal needs.

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